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These Are a Few of My Favorite (Travel) Things


1.  Amazon Kindle  – for all the obvious reasons 

2. LUSH solid shampoo & conditioner  – no worries about liquids in my luggage & it works as well as any “real” shampoo

3. Silk sleep sack – because why wouldn’t you want to sleep in your own clean sheet while traveling? (a must for camping or hostels!)

4. Multi-country travel adaptor with TWO USB ports – I have yet to go anywhere where this isn’t compatible

5. Loksak bags – the very best for keeping all the gadgets dry

6. Ear plugs – for flights, hostile hostel neighbors, roosters…

7. Tiger balm – yes, some people use it for aches, but bites, etc; personally, I like to use it to mask the odor of odd smelling people, places, and things

8. Travel toilet paper & hand sanitizer – lifesavers!

9.  100% DEET bug spray – yeah, yeah, so DEET is controversial.  Bug bites aren’t.  I love this stuff (Cutter or Ben’s!)


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