Where should I go next??


I know, I know – I am far behind on my posting, having neglected Hong Kong for the past month.  Work with me here and let’s  pretend that my “busy” MBA schedule has kept me occupied.

Looking at my schedule the next month, I realize that I have about 8 days after graduation and before a friend’s wedding in Connecticut.

Of course, the first thing that pops into my mind is: can I fit in one more trip?  One more destination?  Where should I go?


  • Someplace I’ve never been 
  • Someplace that is within an 8 hour flight of New York
  • Someplace to which flights won’t cost an arm and a leg at the end of May (which eliminates much of Europe)

So far, the locations that are top of mind are:

  • Iceland
  • Scandinavia (some combination of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland)
  • Bosnia via Zagreb, Croatia

Thoughts?  Where should I go next?


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