Dubrovnik, Croatia

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At my summer camp, there was an enormous boy from the Balkans in my age group, whom we dubbed “the Croatian Sensation.”  At the time, it’s unlikely I could’ve named Croatia’s continent, let alone have found it on a map…

Fast-forward a decade plus: I have fallen in love with Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Dubrovnik is a hilly city the size of Pittsfield (43,000 people).  It curves around the Adriatic Sea and the mountains dive into the water.  The city is stepped onto the hillsides – all stone buildings with red-tiled roofs.  The old town lies flush to the sea, surrounded by stone walls.  Picturesque doesn’t begin to cover it.  Like it’s neighbor, Italy, Dubrovnik is full of great pizza, pasta, and boutiques.  Long gone are the days of post-war rock-bottom Balkan prices, but tourist dollars are well spent on keeping Dubrovnik clean, beautiful, and easily navigated.  Croatia, who knew?

(Special thank you to Allison for helping me plan this trip!)

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  1. Karen S.

    Hi Yael & Ari,
    Fabulous photos from the past few days! Croatia’s been on Shira’s wish list and now I see that she’s right. Thanks for the preview. Enjoy!


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