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Nonprofit Spotlight: Shanta Foundation

There are certain precautions that one takes as a solo female traveler.  For example, when strangers first approach me, I’m usually a little skeptical.  So when a Woody Allen doppelgänger, standing across the baggage carousel at the Yangon airport, looked at my passport and said “Hey, I’m American too,” I smiled, nodded, and wordlessly collected my backpack and went on my merry way.

The following morning, at the Bogyoke Aung San Market, I was seeking out money changers and heard a voice call out in English,“Hey, didn’t I see you at the airport yesterday?”  Partially because he looked like Woody Allen and partially because he was one of only a handful of tourists I saw the entire time I was in Myanmar, I put some of my skepticism aside.

As it turns out, he volunteers for a sustainable development organization that works in the remote villages of Myanmar called the Shanta Foundation.  Specifically, he has started several pig farms as a means of economic development for the villagers.  And, he helped me find the elusive money changers.



One comment on “Nonprofit Spotlight: Shanta Foundation

  1. Eva says:

    True story – Woody Allen’s favorite Chinese restaurant is Pig Heaven

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