Nonprofit Spotlight: Baguette & Chocolat – Sapa, Vietnam

With a nod to the French influence on the area, this charming B&B and cafe is a culinary/hospitality school for local disadvantaged teens.  The culinary students have won distinction in international competitions and the program itself is world renowned for its work in the community.  When in Sapa, stop in for pain chocolat and Vietnamese coffee – a highlight of my trip.


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4 responses to “Nonprofit Spotlight: Baguette & Chocolat – Sapa, Vietnam

  1. Mia

    Sounds wonderful!

  2. Monica Guerrero

    Thank you for keeping us updated. I hope your back is not giving you problems during all your hikes. Take care!

  3. Eileen

    Next time we are in the area I will swing by. :). Xo

  4. Elsa

    Sounds like a great adventure.

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